Banking managment

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The central concept of the application is to allow the customer(s) to service virtually using the Internet with out going to bank and allow customers to open new account, withdraw, deposit, transfer, close and getting balance using this banking service.  The information pertaining to the customers stores on an RDBMS at the server side (BANK).  The Bank services the customers according to the customer’s intention and it updates and backups of each customer transaction accordingly.

The end user of this service can access his account from anywhere provided by the bank.  This service is secure because of having each user his own userid and password provided by the bank and one can’t access the bank’s database (hack), so it is full secure.  All the data pertaining to the customer will be stored in the database and it will be taken backups up to date.

Data entry into the application can be done through various screens   designed for various levels of users.  Once the authorized personnel feed the relevant data into the system, several reports could be generated as per the security.

Hardware Specifications:
Main Memory                :         64MB.
MicroProcessor              :         Pentium –III.
Hard Disk Drive            :         4.3 GB.
Cache Memory              :         512KB.

Software Specifications:
Operating System          :         Windows 98/NT.
Front End                      :         Java Using Servlets
Back End                       :         Oracle 8i or SQL Server  or Access.
Database Connectivity   :         JDBC,Microsoft ODBCDriver for                         Oracle.


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