CRM for AIRLINE Industry

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The purpose of the Development of a CRM Airlines Industry is to provide the world-class offshore and onshore services using IT-enabled services. CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sometimes it is called customer management, customer value management, customer centricity, and customer-centric management.
The scope of the CRM Airlines Industry is as follows:
The overall strategic business objective of CRM is to build loyal profitable customer relationships. Customer acquisition, development and retention are main points to consider. Customer relationship management is a new concept to many organizations. The most forward-thinking organizations devote lot of energy and resources to the set up and management of a Customer Relationship Management capability.

Following is a list of functionalities to be supported by the CRM Airlines Industry. More functionality can be added to this list. And, in places where the description of functionality is not adequate, you can make appropriate assumptions and proceed.

  • High quality output
  • Cost competitiveness, simply because of abundance of intellectual capital.
  • Effective turn-around-time
  • Provision for creating and managing folder hierarchy for managing clients and their documents.
  • Comprehensive security with various permissions like Read Only, Write, Delete, Full Control, Owner etc.,

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