How Journalists Can Use Google+ to Build Their Brand [Hangout On Air]

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Beyond Bylines

In our recent Q&A “On Air Has New Meaning with KRNV and Google+”, Melissa Carlson, an anchor and reporter with KRNV News 4, shared how Google’s Hangouts On Air have been an invaluable tool for connecting with her audience and building transparency.

There are many other ways that journalists can make use of Google+ so we took to the social media platform ourselves to dig further into the topic.

On last week’s ProfNet Hangout On Air, Sarah Hill and Julio Ojeda-Zapata joined us to discuss how journalists can use Google+ to promote their work and grow following.

Hill is a Hangout host and digital storyteller with Veterans United Network as well as the 32nd most followed person on Google+. Ojeda-Zapata is a tech journalist with The St. Paul Pioneer Press and an avid user of Google+.

Missed the Hangout? View it in its entirety in the video above or check out some of the highlights below:

  • Hangout is…

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