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My Certificate.

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Bug Tracking

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Bug Tracking for Improving Software Reliability (BTS) is an automated system that can be useful to employees and the managers in any functional organization. Bug Tracking System gives the facility to define the tasks in the organization and also allows the managers to track the bugs spent by the employee for that particular task. A report generation facility is supported in BTS that allows the managers to analyze which are those skills by employee are utilized and those which are not utilized. This tool can help managers for Bug estimation per project or application. This tool helps employees to document their Bugs and analyze

This project aims at creation of a Bug Tracking System. This project will be accessible to all developers and its facility allows developers to focus on creating the database schema and while letting the application server define table based on the fields in JSP and relationships between them. This system provides the following facilities.

The objectives of this system are:

  • To keep track of employee skills and based on the skills assigning of the task is done to an employee.
  • Employee does bugs capturing. It can be done on daily basis.

Various Reports are generated by this System for an employee and as well as to a manager.

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By: Avadhootha Rams

Many gamers have thought of ideas they would love to see made into reality, but creating a video game is not a small task. In the past it required special equipment and a decent amount of programming knowledge just to make basic games.

As technology and software development has evolved, the barrier is much lower and now there are many easy and fun ways to get started in video game development. Here are five free game development software apps to help get you started with making your own games.


Game Maker 8


RPG Maker XP



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By: Avadhootha Rams

For the absolute beginner, Sploder enables users to make their own platforming or shooter game for free. Based on Flash, users can create their own custom game using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Create levels, place items, or even throw a dozen enemies at the hero. There’s also the ability to save games and share them online with other Sploder users or post the game to the creator’s personal website for everyone to play.

how to create a website…

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create ur own website

how to create a website